Projects by PEER and individual centres

Remote sensing with a microlight plane

One of the major aims of the Partnership for European Environmental Research is to develop and carry out collaborative research projects of European dimension, together with research partners across Europe. Some of these have been initiated by PEER, with member institutions of PEER playing a leading role in them. Please find a description of these and other major projects with participation by several member centres at "PEER flagship projects".

PEER's two Climate Change projects were voluntarily organised by the PEER partners using mostly internal funding and being carried out in parnership with research organisations and government bodies beyond PEER. The projects aimed at producing scientific evidence relevant for climate change policy making. 

PRESS (PEER Research on EcoSystem Services) is designed to strengthen the scientific understanding of links between biodiversity and ecosystem services, improve impact assessment tools to link mapping exercises and policy evaluation approaches and illustrative case-studies. It delivers tests of models, evaluation of associated uncertainties and a guideline for mapping of ecosystem services.